EU calls for safer and more environmentally friendly Lorries

New rules implemented by the European Commission will see manufacturers develop more aerodynamic Lorries, which will reduce fuel consumption by 7-10%, cut emissions of greenhouse gases, and also enhance the safety of vulnerable road users.

Commercial Fleet TruckThe change will mean cabins will have a more rounded shape ­ a small change like this will mean the vehicle is more aerodynamic, resulting in less fuel consumption because of the decrease in wind resistance. The introduction of aerodynamic flaps at the back of the trailer will also add to the aerodynamics of the vehicle. These new steps will mean considerable savings of around € 5,000 per year in fuel costs for a standard long-distance lorry covering 100,000 km. This means a massive 7­10% cut in greenhouse gas emissions. Another change in truck design means that the driver will have a much greater field of vision, helping to save the lives of 300 to 500 road users such as pedestrians or cyclists every year ­ a simple change, but with excellent consequences.

“A brick is the least aerodynamic shape you can imagine, that’s why we need to improve the shape of the lorries on our roads. These changes make road transport cleaner and safer. They will reduce haulers' fuel bills and give European manufacturers a head-start in designing the truck of the future, a greener truck for the global market.” Said Siim Kallas, Commission Vice-President is in charge of transport.

The main points of the change in policy are:

  • Overall environmental benefits: In the EU, oil and oil products are in demand for 96% of transport energy needs. Reducing fuel consumption by 7-10% will have a massive long term economic and environmental contribution to annual savings. Not only this, but the change in policy allows for added weight specifically to accommodate alternative propulsion systems like hybrid or electric that use batteries. 
  • Better road safety: The standard ‘brick shape’ front of the vehicle has been changed to decrease the severity of injury to road users in the act of a collision. The standard brick shape has also been noted that it can decrease the driver’s field of vision. With these points in mind a more rounded shape has been introduced that increases the field of vision and in the event of a low-speed collision ­ significantly lowering the severity of injury in the case of an accident.
  • Better for haulers: Aerodynamic overhauls of vehicles will equal to around €5,000 savings per year in fuel costs for a normal long-distance lorry covering 100,000 km. Who knew wind resistance could be so expensive!
  • More consistent controls and reduced road damage: On board weighing systems will allow for more consistent controls from place to place. A whopping €950 million is estimated to be the grim figure paid by the taxman because of overweight vehicles.

Just by taking the simple steps above, it is agreed that vast amounts of money will be saved. Not by one single way, but by fuel consumption, advanced technology, better road safety and safer driving conditions.

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