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WP Group offer a complete fuel solution for the commercial, agricultural, heating, power and Industrial markets. Whatever you’re requirements we have the experience and infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly.

Contact us today to get the latest prices for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (DERV, road diesel, white diesel), Red Diesel, Gas Oil, Kerosene and AdBlue or find out about our site services including fixed top up services, bowser supply with dispensing systems, tank cleaning and fuel restoration.

WP Commercial Fuel Deliveries

With five strategically located fuel terminals across the south of England, we are able to provide emergency level response to Hampshire, Dorset, Salisbury, Berkshire and West London.

Through our comprehensive network of approved delivery partners, WP can deliver nationwide. Order before 10.30am and we will deliver the next day (within a 50-mile radius).

WP Commerical Fuels: Heating Oil | Kerosene | Gas Oil 

Our specialist team can provide commercial heating fuels for every type of building, from offices and factories to schools, care homes, hotels and entertainment venues.  

WP Commercial Fuels: ULSD (DERV) | Red Diesel

WP Commercial supplies ULSD (DERV) and other vehicle fuels to hauliers, vehicle fleet operators and plant operators.

We buy DERV and other fuels at daily Rotterdam/Platts prices and use our expert industry knowledge to pinpoint the most cost effective times to buy ­ helping you to cut costs.

WP Commercial Fuels: AdBlue

Since the enforcement of European Legislation on diesal engine emissions, Adblue has become an essential requirement for many commercial vehicles. 

WP is the largest stockist and supplier of AdBlue in the South, offering 18lites, barrels, IBC’s and bulk.

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Contact our team to find out how WP Commercial can tailor a solution to suit the needs of your business.

We can also offer hedging and credit to help make your fuel costs more predictable and manageable.

Find out how to buy your fuel more cost effectively - contact us now

Are Your Fuel Costs Heavy Duty? ThumbnailAre your Fuel Costs Heavy Duty?

Fuel is a leading operating expense for individual owner/operators and fleets. Approximately half of the energy produced from fuel is lost as heat; a further 15% is lost as friction, leaving only about 35% of the energy for hauling. Sound surprising? It's true. The loss of fuel is split into three sections - Brake power, Heat losses and Friction. By using a high quality fuel like Mobil Delvac, you could decrease these three problems significantly. Not convinced?

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