Fuels & Mobil Delvac Lubricants & Specialist Supplier of ULSD

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) supplier WP Commercial is a specialist trading division of WP Group Fuels & Lubricants.

Commercial Fuels

­Whether it’s ULSD (DERV) for hauliers or Red Diesel for plant operators, WP Commercial has the expertise to help you buy smarter, reducing your fuel costs and boosting your margins.

With five strategically located fuel terminals across the south of England, we are able to provide emergency level response to Hampshire, Dorset, Salisbury, Berkshire and West London, click here for more information on our areas of best effort.

Get a competitive quote on ULSD, commercial fuels or Mobil Delvac lubricants for your business. Phone us on 0800 980 6172 or contact us by email.

WP Commercial is the authorised distributor of high quality Esso Fuels and Mobil Lubricants for Central Southern England.

Our team supplies ULSD (commonly known as DERV), Gas Oil, Red Diesel, Heating Oil and Mobil Delvac Lubricants from the Esso Oil Refinery at Fawley, Hampshire.

WP Commercial’s fleet of liveried tankers offers next day deliveries (if ordered before 10.30am) or within 1-2 days (orders after 10.30am).

Right fuel, right price, right on time.

Click here to view the Mobil Lubricants Benefits Chart to determine what product is best suited to your applications.

Click here to view our commercial fyer.

Mobil Delvac Synthetic Brochure ThumbnailMobil Delvac Synthetic Lubricants Brochure

The reliability, performance and lifetime of your vehicle's driveline ultimately depends on an extremely thin lubricant film that separates moving parts and reduces friction. Selecting the right Mobil Delvac Synthetic engine oil from our range for your equipment will help to protect your engine from the harmful effects of soot and other contaminants. Fuel represents a large proportion of commercial vehicle's operating costs. When used in combination with synthetic gear oils and greases or used separately, Mobil Delvac synthetic engine oils have the potential to offer fuel economy advantages versus conventional lubricants.



Mobil Delvac XHP LE10w40 Brochure Thumbnail
Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10w-40 - A Synthetic Giant  

Synthetic extra high performance diesel engine oil engineered to provide lubrication to low emissions engines. Mobil Delvac XHP LE XHP 10w-40 is specially designed using high performance base oils which provide excellent low temperature fluidity, high temperature viscosity retention, volatility control and fuel economy potential. Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10w-40 is suitable for engines fitted with diesel particulate filters. With reduced engine wear, excellent protection against ring sticking, reduced oil breakdown and enhanced protection of exhaust systems fitted with diesel particle breakdown - Mobil Delvac XHP LE is a real Synthetic giant. 




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Commercial Lubricants

Mobil Delvac Lubricants from WP Commercial; benefit from high-performance Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic oils. Protect your vehicles and equipment and enhance their performance with the world’s leading brand of oils and lubricants.

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